What’s That Green Light at the Top of my Macbook (right next to the camera!!!)?

So, I’m trying to get back into blogging as it’s been over a year and half since my last post. I got caught up in running my failed startup, SocialTagg, and caught up blowing Tinder up. I’m now working at Coffee Meets Bagel. I had a few moments to spare while I waited for our 1-man QA department to get back to me about an issue I had a question on and I noticed that there was a green-light on at the top of my Macbook.
I guess I should have noticed this before, but I didn’t and never had a chance to investigate before. It turns out this light turns on when your camera is activated (on). I immediately freaked out and thought oh no, somebody must be spying on me. It turns out, however, that earlier in the day I had a Google Hangout with some teammates and left the window open, thus leaving the camera on.

So before you freak out about the NSA spying on you, try closing all our apps first. 🙂