About Me

Technology executive, investor, and advisor with a career history of producing highly scalable digital consumer products. Exceptional record of success in building and leading top performing, global engineering teams, managing budgets as large as $5MM, and bringing order and agility to growing engineering teams. Excels at implementing agile engineering practices, building product-focused engineering teams, and delivering software on time. Outstanding problem solving, leadership, and team motivation skills.

—————— Core skills ——————
• Transformational Leadership: Carried out agile restructurings and process improvements which have resulted in massive improvements to engineering productivity.
• Platform Migration: Carried out multiple platform and database migrations resulting in cost-savings, improved operational efficiency, and better system performance.
• Global Workforce Management: Supervised as many as 25 people, across distributed teams in the US, Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Poland, Ukraine, London, India, and The Netherlands.
• Scaling Products Globally: Played key roles in localizing and distributing mobile apps and services to key international markets, growing user bases to tens of millions of users.
• System Architecture: Architected and built multiple secure and performant systems from the ground up to handle workloads in social, banking, and travel.

—————— Specific Skills ——————
• Process Optimization
• Strategy, Planning, & Execution
• Engineering Operations
• Budget & Cost Control
• Product Management
• Lean & Agile Methodologies
• Cloud Architecture
• Microservices
• Web Services
• Relational Databases
• NoSQL Databases
• Coaching & Mentoring
• Machine Learning

————— Angel Investments —————
• Alka Financial
• Ample Foods
• Balloonr
• Bandwagon
• Captiv8.io
• Massive
• Roomi

——————— Advising ———————
* Build-up Labs
* Tribalist